Thursday, March 8, 2018

Martie Dont Surf

   Far be it from me not to shake the dust off this old blog when I get a review request (especially for a short film that isn't actually listed on any internet film database...) from a good buddy of mine.
  Martie Dont Surf is a "15 minute epic about a bunch of trash bag deros on the rampage!" and I can't argue with that. Despite having no real budget for this romp, the creativity and willingness to actually get out there and create something shines brightly. Comparisons to cult favorites like Bad TasteStreet Trash and Slime City come easily. There's a reckless and carefree energy throughout the whole 15 minutes as we follow a trio of airheads on a drinking binge and a killing spree.

   This kind of material isn't necessarily improved by a bigger budget or anything more legitimate than just having a bunch of friends willing to do crazy shit for the camera. This is the kind of movie I always talked about making with my friends when we were teens, but we always let something get in the way. I tip my hat to Frank Daft for actually doing. A quote comes to mind from one half of Cannon's golan/globus duo, I don't remember which one said this, but he said "The name of the game is to do, not just to blah blah blah blah blah- talk about it."

   Works for me! Martie Dont Surf is gleefully un-PC, crass, deranged, and just plain nuts- and that's a glowing compliment in my book.

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