Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2 Fast 2 Furious

  The problem with the first Fast & Furious movie, was the fact it didn't really  have alot of originality. It felt like a poor man's Point Break with the undercover cop befriending the criminals he's supposed to be investigating.Aside from its inherently cliche plot, even most of its car races and action scenes were cliche. Lets not even mention the horrible dialog.

  2 Fast fixes alot of this. Its a cliche genre movie, but it has enough exciting set pieces and flashy cars to keep your attention the whole time. If the first one was loud, this one is louder. If the first one had colorful cars, this one has the whole damn rainbow. Maybe they're compensating for the lack of Vin Diesel's charm here, but it pays off. Its... pardon the pun, twice the fun as #1.
  Movies like this aren't really renowned for their intellectual side or their brilliant dialog.
But they are usually adept in competent action. So 2 Fast's super smart move is ramping up the action.

   It knows it's weaknesses and its strengths and it plays completely to its strengths. The big flashy cars, the sexy women, the loud hip hop music et cetera... Right off the bat, its structurally put together better that its predecessor, it fires off with a big intense car chase, that has an awesome ending. And then the movie just kicks off, unfolding as we're along for the fast paced ride. Its just fun. Stupid fun. But fun nonetheless. Its... just a better movie. I still wouldn't call it a good movie, but overall I don't feel as guilty for liking it as I did with #1. Because this one ticks alot more of the boxes that movies like this SHOULD tick. Still pales in comparison to Fast Five, but overall its not a bad entry into the series.

   I can recommend this one for a fun Saturday night in. But don't expect anything amazing. For that... Fast Five still reigns. n this case, the over-saturation of the action, the car chases, and the silly dialog works. In any other movie franchise, it would be too much. Or too little depending on how you look at it. But it actually fits perfectly in this series. Sign me up for #3.

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