Monday, January 30, 2012

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

  I haven't read the book,or even seen the original movie, as soon as I learned David Fincher was helming this remake, I knew that I wanted his movie to be my first introduction into this story.  Its a decision I do not regret.

  There are plenty of place online to hear a recap of what the story is and such. And I find it saves time and space if I cut to the chase and simply deliver my thoughts and opinions on the movie.  I personally loved it.  I'm a David Fincher fanboy and can't help but compare this to some of his other movies. He has a penchant for wild opening credits and pushing the envelope there visually. Well I take my hat off to him with the opening credits for 'Dragon Tattoo. It has more wicked style and nuance in those couple eye-popping minutes than some directors have been able to invest in a lifetime of filmmaking. 

   This is dripping with style.  Which doesn't just end there, even mundane shots are shot with skill and they're simply eye catching. 

 It really is hard to take your eyes off of this movie.  Due also, in no small part to the charcters Daniel Craig and Mara Rooney have brought to life. Its very easy to get completely immersed in Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander's (Craig and Rooney, respectively) character development.  Because its handled so damn well.  Scenes and actions move forward their development, revealing more about them to us, which in turn pushes the movie forward. By the time the end comes around, you're left wanting more. Not that the film is lacking, but you want more of these characters. Their dynamic is something awesome to watch. Something that was actually developed, not something just cobbled together for the sake of plot cohesiveness.

   Its great to see something so well put together. The film is a great drama with classic mystery tropes and all the right ingredients of an edge of your seat thriller.  Its a damn good movie.

   Its not always a subtle movie, but its nuanced for sure. There is a really interesting piece of foreshadowing in there that I won't give away, but its pretty gripping when all that comes to pass. I can't stress enough how well made this is. I loved it.  Its not always easy to watch, some moments are pretty brutal, but its a movie that is worth it. What is promised, is delivered. And what we have as a result, is another fantastic David Fincher movie.

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