Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

  The only way I even knew that Dylan Dog was a comic book before it was a movie, was an ad on the back cover of an old Star Wars comic I had.  Yep. Thats it folks. Super nerd has never read a Dylan Dog comic. And the best I figured back then, was he fought zombies or something.  Well I can say, if I was a fan, I'd likely be almost offended. First off its a pretty mediocre film. Second I heard it changes alot.  But its not entirely devoid of any redeeming values.

  Its about a private eye who used to be a protector of the supernatural world. Not like another dimension, but vampires who run rave clubs, zombies who work 9 to 5 and go to support groups, and werewolves who own meat packing plants. Yeah. Whole other world right next to ours. Anyway, Dylan and his assistant find their way onto a supernatural case, a werewolf killing, and obviously theres alot more to it than meets the eye. Big apocalyptic deal, end of the world type stuff. However the movie never really lives up to the tall tales it tells

  I haven't too much else to say about it. I summed it up quite well when I posted the following on a forum I frequent:

  "A harmless actioner which is capable of only just keeping your attention.
It has a handful of clever moments and cool scenes, however you have to wade through a muddied plot, some bland acting, painfully standard action scenes and a smudge of hammy dialog.
Having said that, its fun to watch Sam Huntington. He steals the show, leaving a rather 2-dimensional Brandon Routh in the dust. Routh's performance may leave much to be desired, but he fills the shoes of witty action hero quite nicely. At least asthetically if anything.

Its just a simple flick, better than most SyFy movie-of-the-week garbage.
Keep that in mind when you find yourself about to watch "Mongolian Death Worms".
If your expectations are low enough and you've nothing better to do, you might find yourself mildly entertained. Mildly"


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