Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Street Fighter

  I can't imagine taking any part of this movie seriously. But with a new video game adaption being popped out every couple years now, it was some sort of retrospective mandatory thing to go back and look at one of the ones deemed the worst.

  However bad this may be, I think they're getting worse. Perhaps all you have to do is dangle something noisy and shiny in front of me for a while and I'm entertained. Not to say there’s anything shiny about Street Fighter, more like... plastic. Glossy sugar-cereal plastic. It’s got the noisy part down, but... I pinch myself in disbelief while watching this mess of a movie wondering if they intentionally made it so bad. The humor is forced and there’s far too much of it. In the entire run time of a movie FILLED with unnecessary humor, there may be only two jokes that work. Two jokes that are actually funny. But they're funny in a painfully stupid Dumb and Dumber type way.

  So, you’ve got a movie full of humor that’s not funny, hopefully maybe the story or the action itself can save it from being a total wreck? This is something that I see far too often, people hoping that a movie will magically get better after sitting through a boatload of screen time, seeing nothing but crap. This movie sets the tone FAST. The action is uncoordinated, slow and cheap. The story is so overly complicated in its details; it can’t even be SIMPLE fun. No it complicates the shit out of everything. It’s so convoluted it’s sickening.

  The acting is as bad as the story and its one liners, which are as bad as the action, which is as bad as the humor. So generally, the movie is bad. But somehow, amidst all the crap and everything this movie has something it really shouldn’t. It has charm. It has that B-Movie, bad dialogue, horribly cheesy kind of charm that makes it almost irresistible. And maybe it’s just me, but the overblown sets and the corny action scenes make it seem like they were just trying too hard. But again, its impossible to take ANY of it seriously. The bad guy is the best actor in the movie and he’s in FULL scenery chewing mode and he’s a blast to watch. Everyone else has their moment of overacting which can invoke quite a laugh, but its real charm is in how everything inherently feels like a crappy stage play.

  Comparing this to the newer Street Fighter movie about Chun Li, and I can safely say, this has selling points that one just doesn’t. Despite being a really retarded movie, there’s always something keeping your attention to the bright and colorful hilarity on screen. Which is the best compliment I can level at this movie. The newer one may have better fights, but its drab and boring and I fell asleep during it. I can’t really recommend Street Fighter, even to fans, as it butchers the story as well as the characters, but its one of those movies with dialog so bad you can’t help but burst out laughing. Two hours of that might not always be a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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