Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bad Taste

  I'm no stranger to pre-Lord of the Rings Peter Jackson. I watched Dead Alive (a.k.a. Braindead) and I loved it. Bad Taste is like, even more low budget. Which may actually turn off some viewers. I must insist, give it time. It may look terribly boring and cheap at first, but give it time. It gets better by the minute. It'll have you grossed out in no time at all. Which is a good thing. When low budget gore, that actually looks fake, still manages to be gross and effective,  I happen to love it. And that's what Bad Taste is. Gross and effective. And also a hell of alot of fun.

  Aliens have landed, they can look like us, and they find human flesh and organs to be delicious... when regurgitated and prepared right apparently... Yes. That says 'regurgitated'. Yep. So it's up to a hapless band of... alien... fighter... guys? To grab their walkie talkies, their ski masks, their machine guns, and their endless supply of bullets, stop the aliens from turning Humans into galactic fast food, kill them all, and generally save the day. The movie gets more fun as it goes on. It's just wonderful by the end. And by wonderful I mean, shootouts that seem to go on and on, aliens running amok, explosions, gore galore, and plenty of good clean fun overall. Hah.

  I can't say any of this looks specifically -well made-. Modern audiences, spoiled with CGI, may just see a cheap looking old movie. But when you consider when it was made, and how much they had to make it, it's rather impressive! And that, for me, is where alot of the fun lies. I can't resist wondering exactly how they pulled off each bloody effect. Some are obvious, some, not so much. It's really fun. I suggest Bad Taste if it's your kind of movie. It's really not for everyone. Some may be turned off by the extreme gross factor, and others may simply be unable to appreciate it. But for those who can, ther's a bloody good time to be had.

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