Monday, January 21, 2013

Triple Feature

  Nothing quite like this movie. The closest I can come is to say... it's like... Evil Dead 2 meets Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. And even that doesn't come close enough. It's impossible to spoil this movie for anyone. Not because it's so good they'll like it regardless, but telling anyone ANYTHING about what's in the movie is not going to make ANY kind of sense unless they've sat through it themselves. Much like the also awesome Detention, John Dies' is simply off the wall. It's protagonists are incredibly likable too. So it's fun to watch them trip through alternate dimensions, get high on reality-bending drugs, fight evil creatures, and save the universe. It's a fantastically warped, hilarious, scary, and gory adventure of a movie that crackles with a unique energy all it's own.

  Headhunters is a fantastic thriller that will keep catching you off guard and surprising you throughout. I don't feel much like dwelling on the fact it's a foreign movie. I think people get hung up on that. I saw a man at a local video rental store get pissed off because the movie he was going to rent was foreign. Wh... I detest that logic. If you can even call it that. Headhunters is akin to The Fugitive, paired with the kinetic energy of The Bourne Identity, but with an angle all it's own. I've seen it twice, and both times it's just as thrilling. It has a bit of pacing issues that are much more apparent upon a second viewing, but it's so engaging and mysterious to keep me coming back for more. The intensity of this movie is palpable, and it's edge of your seat, visceral thrills are amazing. Thrills that are quite in fact, scarce in most Hollywood thrillers being churned out these days. Not one to miss.

  Pontypool is an excellent horror movie with none of the usual cliches that accompany them. I have less to say about this one than the others because saying just one little thing, can be too much and that can spoil it. Pontypool is a blazing work of creepy originality. It has personality, and is truly unnerving. It plays with horror conventions and turns em on their ear, and in the process gives us a true treat of a movie. Some may say it has pacing issues. I however disagree, it has set the pace it means to. I really recommend it!

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