Monday, December 12, 2011

Fight Club

   First off, lemme just say this movie is brilliant. Secondly, its not just a punch-em-up movie, if anything its a slick, gritty, modern, psychological thriller. Or you could just call it a "mind-fuck".
In fact "mind-fuck" might be a VERY apt description here. Edward Norton's character who's listed on imdb as "The Narrator" since he's never really given a straight-forward name in the movie, is at first glance, content with his admitedly boring, lame, and ultimately cookie-cutter life.  But he has chronic insomnia. His whole life can be summarized as just a sequence of mundane formulaic events that happen over and over every day. He clings to part of this dearly. The commercialized, ideal, material life he's worked hard for.

But it brings him no happiness. He'd like to think it does. However, he knows it doesn't.  I won't say too much else. Cutting to the chase. So, when he meets wild man Tyler Durden, a man with a unique perspective on just about everything, his life is turned upside down. And that's a massive fucking understatement. Together, through a series of not-so-awkward male bonding moments, among which include beating the hell out of each other just for kicks, they end up creating an underground 'Fight Club' in which men of any all ages and social stature can kick the living crap out of each other.
All these men... who were merely trudging through their boring miserable excuses for a 'life', now have something dangerous, exciting, and dare I say... life-affirming(?) to look forward to.


But when Tyler begins to act increasingly strange, the Narrator's new found life begins to violently self destruct around him leading up to a mind blowing twist and an insanely unique climax.

The movie is cut together in a brilliant way so that even the most mundane scenes keep your attention glued to whats happening. Its almost impossible to look away.
Its a great story with a stellar cast. They all deliver amazing performances.
Although Brad Pitt just barely edges out his fellow cast mates with an unforgettable performance as the thoroughly bizarre and oddly likable Tyler Durden, who really just... makes the movie.
I can't stress enough how awesome Fight Club is. It will totally defy your expectations.

This movie is quirky, funny, iconic, timeless, manic, genius, and one of the strangest genre-defying experiences I've ever had the good fortune to sit through.
Definite must see, if you haven't already.

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