Friday, December 2, 2011

Tiger on the Beat

  As a movie itself, Tiger on the Beat, seems at times unsure whether it wants to be a screwball comedy, a send-up of buddy cop movies, or an actual buddy cop movie. Despite its uneven footing, it actually succeeds on all those counts.

  You may be put off by how silly the movie is at times. The poster boasts its like "Lethal Weapon, only far funnier-" I can see the connection to Lethal Weapon, but far funnier? I'm not sure I can agree to that.
Far sillier, yes. More action packed, yes. And, on occasion, there happens to be a truly funny moment that just genuinely made me laugh. So I can't really reccomend this as a straight up comedy, because its not. Honestly. The action scenes are incredibly intense and serious, they dont make light of these moments, instead they play to their severity. Which ends up making the movie a mixed bag. Those looking for kick-ass action will mostly likely be turned off in the first ten minutes at how unrelentingly silly it is, but if they stay and watch it through to the end... they will NOT be dissapointed! This has some of the coolest, most creative action set pieces I've ever scene. Mostly at the end, but that doesn't mean this whole movie isnt worth watching. Its so fun. Whether or not you buy into the overacting, and the silliness, its totally fun. Unafraid to be goofy at times, and bloody at others, Tiger on the Beat is a movie that doesn't require close inspection. Just take it for what it is:
A damn good time.

(mild spoiler alert ahead)

Also... if you're still not convinced to see this movie:

Chainsaw duel.

And its every bit as awesome as it sounds.

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