Wednesday, December 7, 2011


  Hancock is by all means, a totally fun movie. Its a good time. On the whole, it has a great cast, a halfway decent script, great dialog, great special effects, and it all gels rather well. The problem is the direction the second half of the movie takes. Its out of the blue, poorly handled, and rather unnecessary.
It has a brilliant premise. It focuses on the real world ramification of the physical hoo-hah and meyhem a superhero would actually cause.  Now crank the meyhem to 10 because the clincher here is our superhero is an irresponsible, belligerent, alcoholic, hobo. Enter: Hancock.

  It works on a wonderful thematic level, and instead of Will Smith playing Hancock as a goof or something of a comedic role, he plays it super serious. Like an outcast from society with anger issues. He plays him dark, serious and quiet. And surprisingly this provides alot of laughs. But Smith is only half of said comedic dynamic. On the flip side we have the completely likable Jason Bateman, who's character's name eludes me at the moment. But he's awesome in this movie. He's the perfect counterpoint to Hancock's recklessness. And it succeeds on an unexpected emotional level because Bateman's character, who's really well fleshed out, is a very compassionate person. And even when the whole world manages to hate and despise Hancock, he sees a person there. Someone who deserves a chance. So being a public relations guy, he decides to help Hancock and revamp his public image entirely.

  Its a great direction. I would've been content with a whole movie about just this dynamic little situation. But unfortunately the movie cuts this stuff short with what I'm sure they thought was a brilliant twist. But all it did aside from shock me, was annoy me. Its unfortunate because it just seems like they didnt know what to do. But aside from that, its great. It really is. So I can definately reccomend this movie to anyone looking for a simply fun filled time, but...
But dont expect the whole thing to be as awesome as the first half. It is a great popcorn flick though with lots of cool parts in it, but its not quite what I expected. Even after seeing it three times.

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